Our Impact

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Children Of Tetracycline Teeth Staining &

Our Impact

  • Healing Smiles
  • Unite and locate victims and families of tetracycline teeth staining
  • Raise finances to increase global awareness
  • Investigate why this happened, who exactly is responsible, and when will they be held accountable
  • Incorporate the World Health Organization and all other associations relating to our cause
  • Integrate our trademark name and logo as a recognizable symbol throughout the dental, mental and medical communities worldwide
  • Facilitate future grants to research other side effects for those who endured their lifelong tetracycline journey
  • Organize online support groups, share your personal story
  • Initiate a suggestion box and calendar of events
  • Pursue future legal action (possibly change legislature) as Children of Tetracycline Teeth Staining were “guinea pigs”
  • Research additional information and statistics about those that were and still are inflicted with tetracycline teeth staining
  • Increase awareness through our determination and diligence to carry out our missions
  • Announce the latest innovative cosmetic dentistry procedures
  • Transform the injurious side effects which deformed their smiles, into a place of hope and recovery

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