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Children of Tetracycline Teeth Staining, Patron Saint of Dentistry
Saint Apollonia - Patroness Saint of Dentistry

In remembrance of anyone who has suffered from dental anguish including Tetracycline Teeth Staining, here at COTTS we pay homage to Saint Apollonia.   Apollonia was a virtuous woman of Christian faith during the reign of Emperor Philip during the Roman Empire.  However, under Philip’s reign, Christians were persecuted.  At the hands of Philip’s regime, poor Apollonia was physically tortured having all her teeth violently pulled out.   Even after every tooth was pulled she would not denounce her Faith.  She then broke loose from her shackles and jumped into a burning fire dying a martyr.  For this reason, Apollonia is regarded as the Patroness Saint of Dentistry for those whose suffer from toothache or other dental suffering. (Source)

Testimonials From Tetracycline Teeth Staining Sufferers

Steveomaco: “I was given Tetracycline when I was a young boy in the late 60’s early 70’s. It has stained my teeth really bad and has had a very negative effect on my life. I have no self-confidence. I’m afraid to laugh and smile.”

Wdxm37: “I’m Jeff and I have had these dark greenish brown yellow teeth since I was about three. My mother was prescribed Tetracycline for an infection back when she was still pregnant with me in 1956. I am 59 now. I have been cursed with these teeth all my life, going to such extremes, when I was very young and in grammar school, as brushing them with bleach, Ajax cleanser, and the most horrible thing….Scrapping them with single edge razor blades! If that isn’t desperation, I don’t know what is.”

Greggy1964: ”I was born in 1964 and I was given tetracycline when I was just 1 year old. It ruined my teeth but is wasn’t until I started at school when the making fun began. The kids would say things like why don’t you brush your teeth and call me Tombstone Teeth. It was very painful and make me lose confidence. I held my hand over my mouth every time I smiled.”

JK1966: “I am 47 and have tetracycline staining and have had this issue for 37 years since my adult teeth starting coming in. I remember being freaked out because I couldn’t “brush the discoloration” away. My baby teeth were perfect. I didn’t’ really need braces, but I still don’t smile without putting my hand over my mouth.”

Ly1963: “It has been very frustrating over many years wondering why my parents never did anything about the yellow/brownish/grey staining on my permanent teeth. Along with many other kids of the sixties and seventies who have been affected by this damage. I know it had caused me to be less confident in what I did and who I meet.”

MichaelL: “You have no idea how terrible it is to grow up with grey teeth, all the bullying in school, and in the general public. Even to this day, it is awful not to be able to smile in public worrying about people are saying. It has caused people to not apply for certain jobs. It has prevented women and men from becoming models, etc.”

Amartin2121: “I have suffered this all my life!!!!! My 2 brothers had it worse than me!! Both of my brother are so handsome but never smiled because they were embarrassed! We were lucky that my parents could afford veneers….but now in our late 40s & 50s they caused damage!!!”

Fontwdz: “I have suffered all my life with badly stained teeth because of tetracycline. I was given this drug as a small child in the late 1960’s. I have had various combinations of veneer placed my teeth over the years. Now I will be spending a small fortune to place crowns on my teeth. I have never had a cavity, but my smile has been a source of pain and shame for me all of my life.”

NeverSmile: “A new friend visited us the other day and asked me one question when she was looking at my wedding photos. You were not happy that day coz you never smiled in these photos. As a matter of fact, I don’t have any photos with a smiley face or even I hate taking photos, thanks to Pfizer.”

Hazel2320: “I also am a victim of the awful case I have lived with this horror all my life I’m so miserable I hate to smile when I’m happy I can’t show it even young children notice & ask me can I see your teeth how embarrassing is that or even ask me do u smoke etc. I have going to the dentist in which I should be going but the solution to this awful matter is only money…..”

Uptowngal: “My son has stained teeth from taking tetracycline as a baby. The cost to get them fixed is to much. Pfizer needs to pay up, he should not have to live his life not able to smile.”

Tonyman2012: “I could believe how many people are affected by this, its huge. Pfizer needs to shell out some money to fix the stained teeth caused by tetracycline. The stained teeth is a Life Sentence.”

Moesladybug: “Please make us smile again and bring this to the forefront. Not only is Pfizer responsible for our tetracycline stained teeth, but a lifetime of embarrassment, lack of self-confidence which hinders us from living to our fullest potential.”

VBourbonn: “I have grey discolored teeth. It has been a great embarrassment for me for over 45 years. Covering my mouth when I laugh or smile has been my only defense. Years and years of having people ask why I don’t smile and then showing them why sorta shocks them out. Needless to say, my confidence in myself has greatly been damaged through the use of this antibiotic while I was young.”

Jsjohns: “I was giving Tetracycline when I was 18 months old in 1972. I can honestly say, that the color of my teeth has prevented me from having any kind of self-confidence when I speak, or smile. I think the same thing that others think when they see someone with discolored teeth-that they’re dirty, uncaring, unhygienic people. I am none of those people, but Tetracycline has thrown me into that….”

PhilJayhan: “A lifetime of not being able to smile. An entire lifetime. Try that on for starters Phizer. I was given tetracycline as an infant back in 1963. I was born in October of 1962. There was no warnings on the label of this product or my Mother would have never ever in a million years given it to me, knowing it would lead to an entire smileless existence for my entire life. No mother would ever do such a thing…”

Greyteeth: ”I was born in 1962 and was given Tetracycline as a baby. I suffered bullying all through primary and secondary school due to the discoloration of my teeth. I paid to have caps which are now deteriorating after 20+ years. I can’t afford to have them re-done and to be honest have a phobia of dentists now and would have a panic attack. I also have a congenital heart defect but don’t know if the drug had anything to do with this. I feel I have suffered enough due to this drug and am angry that I have to put up with teeth like this and nothing but bad childhood memories because of them.”

PattyO: “Born in 1958, when my teeth came in they were totally grey and as an adult they are yellow/grey and totally crumbling requiring me to have all teeth replaced. Unfortunately I do not have the funding to have the replaced. Also my additional birth defects are scoliosis, left kidney never developed correctly, had kinked ureter all inutero where the other kidney needed to grow larger than normal to compensate.1 tear ago I had to have it removed due to extreme pain and no functionality. I was also born with mitro valve prolapse, heart murmur, double sized arteries, and multiple nerves in teeth. Also male formation in bone structure in right foot all due to birth defects. I also have a corkscrew configuration of an artery in my brain when they did a MRI after having a seizure. My life has been challenging at best. I am fifty seven now, where every day becomes a challenge to me. Since my very early childhood I knew there where things not quite right with me. I also has ADD and OCD which was not known about at that time. I had to struggle and work twice as hard as all the other children, and although I was a good student with my extra effort. Now that I’m aging every time I go to the Doctor I only find more and more birth defects and seen to have no legal recourse. Each day for me is more and more difficult for me to bear. Now with sciatica, problems w/left hip, planter faciatis ans Achilles tendinitis only compounds the birth defects due to tetracycline. Not to mention my problems with my heart from birth. Please contact me so that I may have some possibility of compensating for some of this injustice due to large company greed at the cost of the unborn. thank you.”

Jixxer: “Pfizer created a product that it knowingly had damaging side affects yet it did nothing about it. Any competent medical injury attorney should be able to quickly determine that Pfizer is responsible to the many good people it hurt. Why is nothing being done by anyone? i found a link to a personal injury attorney who claims it helps people, the victims, the little guy. They claim to take on big business. Well I filled out the free case evaluation and they rejected it in less than 5 minutes. What is going on here? maybe others will have better luck than I did, you can fill out the case evaluation at forthepeople.com . please let me know how it goes for you? We can’t let Pfizer get away with ruining so many lives by their blatant negligence.”

JRT: “Same complaint as everyone else, teeth are starting to deteriorate, will we ever get justice? Born in 63, & now they are beginning to fall apart.”

Lila55: “Is there anything we can do to get reimbursed for the thousands of dollars it costs to have our teeth fixed? I am very frustrated as it is going to cost up to 20 thousand dollars to get veneers, I had veneers put on over 20 years ago and they now need to be replaced and I do not have that type of money. Drug companies make billions of dollars a year, and to think they are so greedy as to not make amends to the people they hurt. Not sure how they can live with themselves. If there is anyone who can help us, or anyone looking to get a class action lawsuit going, please let me know…”

Gcomp1: “I’m just another person who has suffered and exhibited the same characteristic symptoms mentioned below and had a life of undeserved and unsolicited embarrassment due to Pfizer’s early 1960’s drug. I don’t know if this thread is going anywhere legally or whether it just provides a forum for airing grievances? Maybe even if that is all it does, it is therapeutic. But I do hope there is some avenue available to bring the manufacturer to account. Restitution / damages are needed even to finance a 50 years too late cosmetic repair. Maybe the company has been and is just waiting for all the victims to die off?”

Gcomp1: “I too was given tetracycline as a small child in 1966. I have experienced the worst kind of embarrassment and humiliations throughout my entire life. Being made fun of, bullied, laughed at, passed up on job offers, never able to smile. But, the worst was last year when my beautiful daughter married the love of her life, and of course pictures were awful. I was the only one not able to laugh and smile and celebrate the most amazing day of her life. I feel cheated out of a lifetime of happiness and nothing can replace that, except for making these a-holes pay for what they have done to so many beautiful people. For the depression, sadness, crying, hurt, and the money we have spent to no avail. My teeth are horrible, and have begun to literally falling apart in my mouth despite brushing, flossing, dental visits, tooth whitening, etc. Someone said to me last year, you know you are a really beautiful woman, but have you tried to whiten your teeth. I cried forever. Someone out there needs to help!!!!”

Random12: “Hello, I am a 55 year old male. I was surprised to see so many stories, similar to mine. I too, had veneers put on some 25 years ago. Unfortunately, they have deteriorated, as has, the underlying structure. It is, the deterioration of the structure, that most concerns me.
Quite a few people have mentioned it, beyond the base argument, being discoloration. My case, is extreme. In that, I took tetracycline every day, for the longest periods. From the age of 4 to 6, I could be off. Point being, My teeth look like hell and are in foundational trouble. I’ve always brushed, flossed and visited the dentist, regularly. In my opinion, it’s more than discoloration to me, it’s like something is and has been, eating away at my teeth. So beyond, the now well understood, discoloring effects of the drug. Who else feels, it’s erosional, as well. Ty.”

Kimberley1: “I am 47 years old female and have what I call Tetracycline teeth, yes given as a child… the embarrassment and low self esteem has done a number on my life.. the picking on as a child up to day when my child asks me ” why I have gray teeth?” . I cannot afford the cost to even getting them slightly white… veneers are out do to the cost… I do not understand why this company will not just face up and realize that they have ruined lots of peoples life!  Why NO one has done anything for us by now in incredible and inhuman!!!”

DJCarson: “I was given Tetracycline back in the 1960 for various reasons. When my adult teeth stated coming in there were very Yellow and has only gotten worse over the years. Several dentist have told me that it is due to this medication. Not only did it discolor my teeth but it left them very then (transparent). Now in my late 50’s my dental issues are just grown worse, teeth are breaking, enamel has broke off and on and on. Dentist said there was no since in trying to bleach them because they will never be white and the bleaching could cause other or even worse issues. I feel like Pfizer should pay for this because they are responsible for what it has caused.”

TETRACYCLINE SHAMED: “I am 51 years old, and was given tetracycline as a child and had to endure being made fun of as a kid. I was called race track because of the line going across my teeth, and as an adult even after having paid for professional whitening, I have kids especially, ask me why are your teeth brown? I really wish the maker of this product would take accountability for this situation. I have straight teeth, and I have often wondered what it would have been like to have had beautiful teeth, because I believe they would have been beautiful if not for this medication. I want veneers, but they are to expensive for me. :(…”

And: “I was given this antibiotic for pneumonia when I was young (born in 1964) , I think I was around five years old , maybe younger , I am not 51 and have had to live with I’ll fitting veneers all my life, the trouble is they are now all very old and need replacing due to cracks and drilling for root canal problems, I have had to put up with being call black teeth to dick emery with a lot more names in between all my life , this has destroyed my confidence and I still struggle to this day to consider smiling for a photo, can you imagine living all your life without smiling, well tetra kids have had too, my dentist told me that to sort out my teeth correctly it would cost around £10000 , is there any fund or compensation available.”

Bruinator: “I too have lived with horribly stained grey teeth all my life because of this drug. My sister and brother suffered the same fate. I am now 50 and to this day, I still rarely smile because of being so self conscious about it. Most people mistakenly think I am not a very friendly or outgoing person because of it. While I am sure I should be able receive compensation for all the torment and ridicule this has caused me over the years, All I want is to have the smile God intended me to have for a least a brief period of my life before it was wrongfully taken away from me. Is that too much to ask Pfizer??”

Pavla: “I am 47 and was given the drug as a small child I have suffered the embarrassment of having tetra teeth all my life .. I recently emailed Pfizer and I was shocked to get a reply via email asking me to fill in a questionnaire. I gave my doctors address and Pfizer contacted my docs to look in to my case. my doc wouldn’t give any info without my consent so I got a letter off Pfizer asking me to sign so my doc could give them my info … is this a good sign I’m wondering is there light at the end of this long tunnel are they going to admit the truth at long last …. I’m waiting with baited breath.”

Kardarn: “I am 58 y/o I was given tetracycline as a baby. This ruined both sets of my teeth I have had yellow teeth my entire life. I have never been able to afford to spend 20,000.00 to place veneers on my teeth, I would love to have white teeth once in my life.”

Plmer: “I was given Tetracycline in early 60’s as a child. Now in my 50’s my teeth are deuterating because it.”

Robertdh: “I was given tetracycline in puberty for cystic acne. My teeth are discolored and have been breaking off. I have lost most of my back teeth.”

Gjwhiting: “Born in 1962, i was given Tetracycline as a 2 year old, as the rest of your replies have said , I, had to put up with comments from other kids on the playground about the colour of my teeth. Fortunately at the age of 13 after an accident , I was referred to the Eastmans Dental Hospital, where they crowned my front teeth, due to the staining, top and bottom. this helped with my confidence, but hiding your smile for so long is a hard habit to break. On the down side, I am now facing massive dental fee’s repairing deteriorating crowns .Maybe it’s time for someone to compensate us.”

PJP: “I’ve lived for 50+ years with stained teeth because of Pfizer’s lack of foresight in product development and refusal to shoulder responsibility after the damage occurred. I even emailed the entire board of directors asking them to fix my teeth and just got a letter from their law department, wanting information, but no attempts to ameliorate the problem. I have this lovely little fantasy about sneaking into the next Pfizer board meeting dressed as a waitress. I put something like ink into all of their coffee and then ask them to smile with blue teeth. I then reveal myself and ask them why they would be embarrassed or feel humiliated? There’s would wear off in a week or two, mine has endured for 50 frickin’ years. I’d tell them to go ahead…have me arrested! I’ll bet that would send the message to those jerks.”

Jsjohns: “I was two or three, when I was given Tetracycline for an ear infection in the early 70’s, and as a result, it turned my teeth grey and yellow. Everybody knows what children do to other children with ugly teeth…they’re bullied and laughed at. And when you become an adult, you are ignored and looked down at. To have your life and future pulled out from under you as an innocent child should be a crime punishable by life in prison. In my humble opinion, as a victim of Tetracycline, the makers and sellers of Tetracycline need to be punished for their crimes. For permanently staining innocent children’s teeth, as well as, permanently staining their psyche’s. -You can put an amount on the physical damage, but no amount, can fix the psychological damage. From a 4o+ yr. old shell of a man.”

Hsieradzki: “I was given tetracycline for a kidney infection and found out I was pregnant. I was given no warnings about this drug. We didn’t know that I was pregnant but when the doctor found out that I was he suggested that I should consider having an abortion because of all of the possible ‘birth defects’ that this drug may give my unborn baby. We elected to keep our precious baby and he has been a blessing. He did however, have a heart defect, facial defect and a horrible case of tetracycline teeth. We were able to deal with the heart and facial issue, but his teeth were another matter. He is 34 years old now, and even though he is very good looking, he seldom smiles and never shows his teeth. He is very shy and very self conscious about his teeth. He doesn’t date and those that know him best know that he would be an absolutely wonderful husband and father, but his teeth hold him back and affects his confidence. As a mother of a wonderful son, this breaks my heart. If there is any funding available to help him get some kind of cosmetic surgery, please let me know. I am on social security and don’t have the money to do this for him. I would strongly support a lawsuit against the drug company and am discouraged that nothing has been done.”

Pssjack: “I have had gray teeth all my life. I have tried so many things trying to brighten my teeth and nothing works. I did not find out about Tetracycline side effects until I was grown. My Mom told me about it. I was born in 1964. It is Really bad to go through life NEVER smiling unless you cover your mouth or keep your mouth closed. I would love to have implants but who can afford 25-30 grand on teeth. If this company ever stands up and takes responsibility for this drug, I want to be on that list. That would make me smile with my teeth showing!”

Picnic: ”I was born in 1962 and was given Tetracycline from the approximate age of two years old. This medication caused staining to my teeth which has been a major source of embarrassment my entire life. As mentioned in previous posts I also ran the gauntlet of hurtful and often soul destroying remarks and this was not only from fellow school children but also from adults. I work in a hospital and have received regular comments from patients over the years, which are more often, than not, always made when there is an audience present. I reached the point where I am not only afraid to smile but don’t want to smile many years ago. The result has caused me to feel depressed and almost decimated my self-esteem and this is becoming more pronounced as time goes on.

Nevah: “I was given tetracycline as a young child because I was allergic to penicillin. This was back in late 1960’s. I have read articles that Pfizer was the main drug manufacturer of this drug at that time. My teeth are blue/gray stained, and they have been this way for as long as I can remember. I was told that there was a law suit out there somewhere for people who were taking this drug before they knew the side effects, is that true? I to have tried other methods of whiting my teeth, nothing works! Veneer’s are thousands of dollars, shouldn’t the drug company be responsible!!!!.”

Cphx: “I was born in 1965, my brother in 1963 and we both have the staining. My mom always said the staining is from taking Tetracycline as a baby. They didn’t know it stained your permanent teeth at the time. I had bonding done when I was a teenager resulting in teeth that looked like chicklets. When I was 25, I had the bonding removed and handed over my first bonus check (as a pharmaceutical rep, just realized how funny that is now) to a dentist to put on 8 veneers. The bonding looked terrible, maybe worse than the stained teeth and the veneers of the early 90’s were better but not quite right. These veneers are now 23 years old and it was time about 10 years ago to have them replaced. I have not done this because it will run about $20,000 to have them done right and about $10,000 to have them done wrong.”

Bethw: “I was born in 61 My teeth are stained and embarrassing. My parents tried bleaching when I was 12 they paid a lot and I suffered through the treatments with not much success. When I was 21 they paid for veneers for my top teeth only they have caused great emotional suffering and “held me back” My parents said tetracycline was given to my mother while pregnant. My teeth should be fixed at cost to drug company.”

ERomero: “My teeth stained by tetracycline has been a source of embarrassment for me my entire life. Pfizer should step up to the plate and return those affected to a semblance of normalcy. Fix our teeth!,,,”

Lynnmar: “I was given tetracycline as a child. I was born in 1967. I have severe staining of all my teeth and have lived much of my life feeling ashamed of my smile and afraid to open my mouth. I have endured the uncomfortable stares and looks of disgust from people and the hurtful comments -“your teeth are ugly” “Why don’t you brush”. I feel like I’ve been spending my life in hiding because of this issue. It has impacted my personal life and held me back in my career aspirations. Its not my fault that this happened but if I want to do anything about it I have to shell out $25,000 to have a smile makeover. I can’t afford this and I shouldn’t have to pay such a steep price to fix someone else’s mistake. Its time the pharmaceutical company takes responsibility for the suffering they have caused in our lives. Praying for justice for all of us who suffer because of this…”

Dkwalls: “I have stained teeth from tetracycline. My permanent teeth came in stained; I would always be embarrassed and hide my teeth whenever I had pictures taken. I think the worst times for me where during middle and high school. I think Pfizer should be responsible for paying for laminates for all that was affected by this drug.”

KatieD: “All my life I have lived w/out a smile. That says it all! I hate my teeth. Growing up was so painful, I was constantly made fun of, told to go brush your teeth. It was horrible. I would love to be part of a class action suit. I have dreamed all my life of having a beautiful white smile but, can’t afford it. I’m going to try to go to a lawyer. Anyone with me?”

Valerie1966: “I also know the embarrassment of living with ugly teeth I was prescribed both tetracycline and Accutane. would give anything to have white teeth. There should be a lawsuit. I also know the embarrassment of having ugly teeth. I was prescribed both tetracycline and Accutane. I am 45 and still single, Most find me attractive aside from my teeth. There should be some compensation.

ScottL: “My mom was given tetracycline which resulted in my teeth being permanently stained. I’m not sure why there isn’t a lawsuit for those whose teeth were ruined. I was born in 1966.”

MSaw: “I was prescribed tetracycline by an E.R. doc for getting a tick borne illness called ehrlichiosis. It is several years later and I have a rare disease called pseudo-tumor cerebri which my neuro-ophthalmologist said is what gave it to me. I have had over 15 shunt surgeries/ placements/ revisions and will have to do so for the rest of my life. This has affected every aspect of my family life. I am partially blind and have severe headaches with nausea and vomiting. They have known since before I was born that this medicine caused this rare disease. Why then are the doctors prescribing this drug along with all of the other known and well documented side effects? What about the oath that all doctors take when they become doctors?? Does it mean nothing??.”

FrancescaH: “I myself have had numerous problems after being given this drug as a child. I actually have further damage with gums and have a splint holding my teeth in place, as the same as others, I have learnt not to smile. I am 49 and have had recently visited the dentist ten times in the past year. I have been advised by my dentist to look into a ‘No Win’ ‘No Fee’ claim, I have had problems with finding a solicitor for this, on further searching and finding others experiencing the same, I feel compensation should be paid as this also has affected me in other ways, with being sensitive to light, having chest problems and breathing difficulties at times. There are numerous side effects from this drug, one being, don’t smile too much when you have had one too many, or someone may snap a smile and tag you on Facebook, there is nothing worse.”

UglyinNC: “I have stained teeth from tetracycline. My permanent teeth came in stained, I have never seen myself smile without feeling ugly. I wish someone would help people like me. If, whoever is responsible, could just spend one day with bad looking teeth they would understand and would help. They called me teeth in college. Help me look in the mirror and love my smile. I am 51 and ready for this sad, ugly feeling to go away.”

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