What is Tetracycline?

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History Of Tetracycline Teeth Staining

Tetracycline antibiotic was formulated in 1952 and patented in 1955 by Lloyd Conover. In 1992, Conover was inducted in the National Inventors Hall of Fame for this development. After his patent in 1955, Tetracycline antibiotic became the most popular broad spectrum antibiotic used to fight a wide range of infections and bacterium.

Millions of people worldwide were given Tetracycline throughout the following several decades. During the period between 1955 and the 1980’s, this prescription was taken without any warning as to its side effects. During the 1970’s, the Physician’s Desk Reference had introduced teeth staining/discoloration as a side effect but it was ignored by the vast medical community.

Tetracycline antibiotic soon became the culprit for the developing second set of teeth in children, also known as their adult teeth. Nursing mothers who took Tetracycline antibiotic during pregnancy also demonstrated their child’s second teeth discoloration.

Tetracycline is classified a “teratogens” which is a substance that promotes birth defects through its toxicity on the fetus or an embryo. Sadly, many expecting mothers throughout the world used Tetracycline antibiotic. In years to come, they will bear witness to their children’s second teeth’s permanent staining and smile disfigurements.

The degree of teeth staining seem to depend on these three criteria’s; the dosage amount, the length of consumption and third the age of the consumer. Tetracycline teeth staining can be a yellow color, grey, green to dark brown. Because of the chemical reaction to light it also caused the teeth to turn even darker shades. Tetracycline Teeth Staining victims will often have brown front teeth and lighter shades perhaps of yellow, on their back teeth. Shockingly, their front teeth being most exposed to light were the teeth that transformed into dark brown shades. In essence, the greater exposure to light, the greater degree of dark staining or discoloration. Some cases being very extreme.

In 1971, Lloyd Conover was the Director of the research laboratories for Pfizer’s UK pharmaceutical corporation. In 1984, he retired a Senior Vice President of Pfizer’s Central Research Operations. It is a fact that Lloyd Conover was an expert in pharmaceutical Research & Development within Pfizer Pharmaceutical Corporation. His career with Pfizer spanned approximately three decades.

Where are the research studies from the onset of its invention and patent? It was a time span almost four decades long of Tetracycline’s mass usage WITHOUT WARNING. Why wasn’t the public WARNED? Where were the LABELS? Where are the results from the studies on the side effects of tetracycline? Who allowed this? Who will take responsibility and accountability? What actions can be accomplished in the future for the millions of unsmiled victims?

In 1958, both Pfizer & American Cyanamid were charged with price fixing tetracycline antibiotic. The Federal Trade Commission also charged Pfizer with withholding information that was part of its patentability. Pfizer almost lost its patent rights based on Fraud & Concealment. (Source)

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