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Importance of a White Smile

First impressions happen in a blink of an eye. According to Psychological Science (VOL 19, #7), Princeton psychologists found that all it takes is one tenth of a second to form your first impression. A big part of that first impression is a nice smile, tetracycline teeth staining can often take away your chance at making it good.

On March 17, 2013, The Mirror ran an article in which 58% of men surveyed indicated a women’s smile was their major focus. The attention given strictly to their smiles was done in lining up their attraction to the ladies. Also, 78% of people surveyed indicated an appealing smile would be their top choice in choosing a mate.

Ever wonder what facial feature receives the most attention? Based on a 2012 survey entitled “The First Thing Someone Notices When They Meet You” the results are in the graph below.

Tetracycline Teeth Staining Hurts

It was also discovered that the biggest dating turn off was an ugly smile. Bad teeth played a major role in the date itself being rejected. Victims of Tetracycline teeth staining often refrain from blind dates or any online dating services.

Based on a recent news wire, it has been determined that 78% of Americans felt if your smile contained crooked or darkened teeth you were more likely to be unsuccessful in life. Additionally, 77% of the women surveyed ranked a crooked or discolored smile was worse than a receding hairline. Click here to read more.

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