Help Someone With A Tetracycline Smile Today

What Happened?

Prior to the mid 1980’s, Doctor’s prescribed Tetracycline Antibiotic to millions of pregnant women and children whose teeth were not yet fully developed, causing teeth to be permanently stained.  The resulting teeth discoloration can affect an entire tooth or it can be in the form of horizontal stain bands that can range from yellow, gray to even an almost dark green or black appearance.  Hence, resulting in life-long damage to the developing teeth and the victim’s psyche.  The side-effects from the misconduct of Tetracycline is unfathomable.

Do you suffer from Tetracycline Teeth Staining or know someone who has?

There are millions of people throughout the world who have be plagued by Tetracycline Teeth Staining.  Although recent Dental techniques have attempted to combat the never-ending costly and painful cycle that a Tetracycline victim has endured.  It is not enough.

What do we do?

Children Of Tetracycline Teeth Staining (COTTS) will help form a Children Of Tetracycline Teeth Staining Victims Class Action Lawsuit against Pfizer/Pharmaceutical companies who scandalously administered Tetracycline Antibiotic to young innocent Children and Pregnant Mothers and leaving them with grotesque teeth discoloration.  Please join us and help unite victims everywhere.


Children of Tetracycline Teeth Staining is “The Smile That Was Frowned Upon.”

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